Sand Dollar White

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Mottled white and medium brown sand dollar.
Matte finish.
Black or white base.

With Your Elemiah Diffuser

Every ELEMIAH diffuser purchased comes with a power outlet cable, measuring cup and pamphlet with instructions on how to use and care for the diffuser. All items are contained within an elegant, protective and beautifully detailed white box, bearing our unique ELEMIAH motifs. An ELEMIAH green sleeve partially envelops the white box, printed with either the classic ELEMIAH design or an occasion themed motif.

Use & Care

  1. With Water not warmer than 55 *C.
  2. Connect power to the power socket (K).
  3. Fill the water storage sink (C) with clean tap water, not higher than the water line (D).
  4. Add 6 to 8 drops of essential oil. (the amount of essentail oil may be adjusted to the size of the room)
  5. Put on the water stopping cap (B).
  6. Put on the ceramic case (A) covering the silicon ring (G).
  7. Push the on/off button and select the setting.