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Elemiah Aromatika is an Indonesian based Aromatherapy lifestyle Company conceived by Australian Mother and Daughter Helen & Jenna.

Having a passion for purity in Aromatherapy and a love of beautiful and timeless homeware products it quickly came to our attention that a fusion of these inspirations was lacking in the current market.

After several years exploring quality and availability of products that not only do justice to the benefits of Aromatherapy but also serve as an object that we would be proud to display in our homes we began our journey of creation.

Behind Our Name

As we journeyed the globe we came upon the story of the Angel “Elemiah”, protector of travellers.

The Angel Elemiah shows humanity to look at different perspectives when encountering obstacles and we have strived to use this in our business.

This was serendipitous as at the time one of our favourite essential oils was Elemi.
As Elemiah sits above and watches over us we strive to mirror Elemiah’s attributes from below.


Our Philosophy

In our world, Aromatherapy is used and delighted in daily and as I am writing “OUR PHILOSOPHY” I’m drawn to memories of how our journey started.

The study and qualifications received weren’t enough. We had to see for ourselves how this art and science reaches the world. Literally from the ground up…… As Above So Below….. we travelled to Central France, the heartland of modern Aromatherapy, to see how the farmers grow, harvest and distill. We excitedly joined in and through hearing their stories as we worked we discovered how this movement had become a global pursuit.

Different Countries but one goal, to bring the purest oils and products for the world to share and individuals to treasure.

We share this idealism and embrace the philosophy as the heartbeat of ELEMIAH.

Our Products

After three years of unwaivering dedication to achieving perfection we are proud to present our Elemiah Diffusers.

These bespoke pieces feature handmade tops created by local Artisans and no two pieces are the same.

We have tested over 30 of the electrical prototypes and believe we have found the finest.

To complement the Diffusers, our amazing Synergies have been blended using pure essential oils from around the globe. We are excited to give them their wings.